Don't lie about it. When you first started out in Clan Lord, you probibly said, "What the hell?" several times. Heck, I STILL do it every so often. Those people I dedicate this scroll to. The people that have the guts to go somewhere new in the world of Clan Lord. Maybe they saw something, and was not sure what it was. So, what this scroll is about is all about the different critters, beasties, and nasty stuff you may see in your travels in Clan Lord. And maybe, just maybe, this guide might help you survive a little longer, by letting you know which stuff to run like a madman from.

Still 'workin.

NOTE: This page is ALWAYS under construction. If you have seen anything that is not shown here, or have a comment on a critter, or stragegies on how to kill some of the larger beasties, Magic Mail me! Anything useful would be used, and added to the sketchbooks.

News: 6/26/01: I just created my own little blog, which will kinda be like my little rant house. It's kinda like a little journal that I can update whenever I feel like it. It's pretty spiffy. Super-Mega-Props™ go out to for this.

4/07/01: If you can believe it, I've updated the Travels and Links pages. Still working on a update to the critter pages. They WILL be updated. Sometime. Someday.

4/01/01: Holy crap! It's been this long since I've updated? Jeeze! Sorry 'bout that, folks, I just forgot. There's a crapload that I've gotta update the site with, but gotta sort through all the snapshots first.

6/2/00:Updated the Orga and Links pages. Several creatures unknown on the Orga page, if you have info, Magic Mail me.

3/25/00: Added the chat-room link to the bottom of the page. It's pretty basic, but it works. Been beating my head on the monitor trying to get other chat-room CGI-scripts, but I don't have enough access (I think) to the server to implement them.

1/17/00: Everything's been updated! There's some new stuff in the animals area, a picture of a new Orga, a REALLY big Feral in the /swear area, a picture of a giant vermine (finally!) in the rats area, and my latest (suicidal) adventures in the Travels area. The Travels area has a really good picture of what some of my rescue parties end up looking like. ;-)


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